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IBM China Client Innovation Center founded in 1911 in the usa, IBM (international business machines) is the world's largest it and business solution provider. IBM is the only it (information technology) company in the world, and also in china, to offer end-to-end solutions from hardware to software services and high end consultancy. IBM’s global services is the world's largest it and consulting service provider offering higher values for clients and addressing growing demand for global delivery of it services. IBM opened its Client Innovation Center(CIC) in china in 1999, and it is now IBM's second largest Client Innovation Center worldwide. all the CICs regardless of geography comply with IBM’s global practices, processes and methodologies. the IBM China CIC provides a broad spectrum of services, including consulting, systems integration, application services, maintenance, testing, solution management, business transformation outsourcing services and it infrastructure services. it also supports leading package solutions, such as sap, oracle, siebel, mainframe and e-business applications. it consists of eight locations across china ranging from: beijing, chengdu, dalian, shanghai, shenzhen, suzhou, nanjing and wuhan. in 2011,IBM China CIC has successfully certified the capability maturity model® integration level 5 (cmmi 5) version 1.3 by the software engineering institute (sei). this is another important milestone in the company’s continuous quality improvement efforts following its accreditation of both iso 20000 and iso 27001 certifications. with the latest and highest international standard institutionalized across china global delivery’s sites, ibm continues its leadership in quality control in china’s application services (as) outsourcing market. to learn more about china cic, please visit: IBM中国客户创新中心 IBM,即国际商业机器公司,1911年创立于美国,是全球最大的信息技术和业务解决方案公司,也是唯一一家在世界各地包括中国,能够提供从硬件到软件服务、以及端到端的解决方案和高端咨询的it企业。 IBM 的服务业务部门是全球最大的信息科技及咨询服务供应商,针对全球客户对信息科技服务业务不断增长的需求,提供更高价值的服务与解决方案。IBM 于1999 年在中国建立了中国客户创新中心,如今的中国客户创新中心已成为 IBM 在全球的第二大全球服务执行网络。IBM在全球所有的客户创新中心都遵循相同的服务标准、并采用统一的开发流程和方法。 IBM中国客户创新中心提供广泛的服务,包括业务咨询、系 统集成、应用软件开发、测试和管理、解决方案管理、业务流程转型外包和 it 基础架构外包与托管服务等。该中心还支持包括 sap、oracle、siebel等在内的整体解决方案,大型机以及电子商务应用等。IBM中国客户创新中心已经在国内八个城市包括:上海、深圳、大 连、成都、武汉、北京、南京和苏州设立运营中心,向全球客户提供服务。 2011年,IBM中国客户创新中心年获得 美国软件工程协会(sei)的cmmi 1.3版本能力成熟度5级认证,这是继2009成功获得应用服务管理iso20000和信息安全管理iso27001两项国际认证后,IBM中国客户创新 中心在服务质量控制道路上的又一重要里程碑。随着业界最新和***别的国际性质量控制标准在中国客户创新中心全面实施,IBM中国客户创新中心将凭借其在 质量控制领域的出色表现继续引领中国的应用软件服务外包市场。 了解更多ibm cic的信息,请访问: 关注ibm cic微博 @




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